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Welcome to our Agency website !
As owner and President of Varsity Insurance Inc, I am keenly aware that
you have many choices in selecting an Insurance Agency.
May I offer a few reasons to consider hiring us to help you protect and
secure your future?
Varsity Insurance Inc was founded in 2002 on the same core values that were learned on the athletic field and from the wisdom of coaching.
As the leader of my business, I am committed to hard work, preparation, pride,
honesty, self sacrifice and team building.
This commitment is expressed in our Agency name, and remains the basis of all
we do to serve our customers and company partners.
Central to my belief system is the conviction that insurance is not a commodity
but due to an increase in technology, is more complex a transaction as ever.
Consider the recent advent of credit scoring, unstable Florida property market,
double digit rate increases analytic underwriting and you may begin to value
the experienced, knowledgeable Independent Agents' ability to use
information to benefit his client
I have a highly trained team of Agents that are willing to take the time necessary
to learn as much as possible about your exposure to risk and then carefully shop
for the best mix of coverage, carrier, and rate.

"It is not the will to win, but the will to prepare to win that makes all
  the difference"
                             Alabama Football Coach, Bear Bryant

Thank you for the opportunity to "win" your business !

Bob Ebersberger
President, Varsity Insurance Inc